On a bright summer day in June of 2018, Jack started watching The Secret Life of Puppies and Kittens. It’s a documentary that follows several litters of puppies and kittens through the first year of their lives. Part of the story revolves around two Labrador sisters, Honey and Bronte. Jack fell in love with them and asked us if we would consider adopting a lab. We already had three dogs and a cat, and our youngest puppy was quite a handful as it was, but we agreed to go look at the pound anyway.

While visiting the pound, we found a wonderfully playful little Labrador Retriever puppy that just melted our hearts, and we immediately filled out paper work to adopt her.

A couple of days later, we picked up Brontë from the pound, and so began the journey of a dog and her boy.

She immediately became a part of the pack, making friends with all the other critters. Well, most of them. The cat wasn’t too sure about it.

Shady cat notwithstanding, Brontë quickly found her way into all our hearts.

She spends her days being Kali’s shadow. Playing nonstop, and taking the occasional nap.

Also, as it turns out, Brontë isn’t a Labrador Retriever, but a Boxer / Siberian Husky mutt. Who’d have thunk it!


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